Survival Handbook: An Essential Companion to the Great Outdoors

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Wherever adventure takes you, take this book!This illustrated guide for young adventurers includes crucial tips on exactly what you need to know to survive even the most unexpected circumstances—plus reflective stickers, a foldable cup, a reflective sheet, and even a removable string binding to help you survive in the wild!

Survival Handbook: An Essential Companion to the Great Outdoors shows you how to:
  • Pack and dress for survival
  • Tie various types of knots
  • Build and find shelter in different environments
  • Build and put out a fire safely
  • Locate and purify water
  • Forage for food and avoid poisonous plants
  • Avoid deadly animals
  • Protect yourself from bad weather
  • Treat a range of injuries
  • Find your way back home safely
Whether you're lost, hungry, burned, or buried, knowing essential emergency survival skills could literally mean the difference between life and death. Don't go into the wild without this book!
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