The Industrious City

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How can industrial production be reintegrated into the urban fabric in a post-digital world? Research from Harvard's Graduate School of Design addresses the issues

Cities have always been places where commerce and production, working and living, are physically and functionally integrated. Only with the rise of industry have zoning regulations been introduced to separate these functions. But what role do these regulations play when industry is digitized, increasingly emission-free and shifting away from mass production What will the ideal mix of working and living be in the future In a world characterized by digital disruption, migration and demographic shifts, how do we build cities based on social equity and resilience

Based on interdisciplinary urban design research undertaken at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, the Zurich-based architecture studio Hosoya Schaefer presents The Industrious City: Urban Industry in the Digital Age. Investigating how production can be reintroduced into the urban fabric, this book explores how production, services, leisure and living might come together in a future integrated city.

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